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swiconstillness's Journal

A Star Wars Icon Community Icontest
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Welcome everyone to the icon challenge community for the greatest saga in all the galaxy, Star Wars!

The rules are simple. There will be one icon challenge per week. The moderator will post the challenge for the week every Sunday. The icons will be posted in response to this entry. Submissions will end on Friday at Midnight. The voting will begin on Saturday and will end Saturday night at Midnight, 12:00 am. You must include URLs for your icons when you are submitting them or I will not accept the icons.



::Time Line
Sunday-Challenge for the week and winners of the previous will be posted.
Monday-Friday-Submitting the icons will take place.
Saturday-Voting will take place.

When you are voting, you will vote on the following:

1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Best Use of Color
Best Use of Text
Most Creative/Unique
Theme for Next Challenge


This is a stillness community which means NO animations. The most important is to have fun and feel free to promote/pimp this community! If you want to be an affiliate feel free to comment here and I will be more than happy to add you. Layout made by khallandra


If you would like to become an affiliate comment here!

::Banner Makers

Current Challenge:
Challenge #32:: Funny/Humour
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