Mrs.Kenobi (mrskenobi) wrote in swiconstillness,

Icon Challenge 29

The theme for this challenge is Green!

::You may use any picture from any Star Wars movie.

::Have fun and be creative!

:: Please submit your icon(s) as a response to this post.

:: When posting, include the icon and the icon's URL. If you do not include the url in your post, your icon will not be accepted.

:: You are allowed to submit up to 3 icons.

:: Submission deadline is Friday, June 23rd at Midnight EST.

::If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Hmm..I don't think submissions are screened.
Oh I'm sorry. GR! I keep doing that..
Hey, if this isn't too much to ask, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing the community for a little while longer, til I get back into the swing of things? Hopefully it won't be too long. I really appreciate all the help, and you are doing a great job with the comm.

Thank you so much.

Ya I love doing this community. Still no problem! You can take as long as you like, no sweat. Thanks for letting me do this in the meantime!